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Stock buybacks are an important option to corporate management as a way of distributing profits to shareholders. The video below provides an quick but efficient explanation of what buybacks are and the reasons behind them. 

Finance is the study of risk management and is often called so.  One of the key tools of Finance is statistics, which is used to measure the risk in a particular venture. We then look for tools or securities that help us manage risk.  One way of managing risk is to lay it off onto someone else, a speculator, who is willing to take on the additional risk in return for additional returns.

An underlying assumption in Finance is that risk and return are positively related: greater risk requires greater possible returns: emphasis on the word possible.  Nothing is guaranteed!

                       Capital Market Indices

The S&P 500 Index and the Dow Jones Indices are among the most followed indices in the US capital markets. Understanding them is crucial to anyone working or investing in these markets.  Below are videos explaining these indices and how they are calculated. These videos are offered as supplements to lectures on the topics and not substitutes.  

The Debate Over Stock Buybacks, Explained | WSJ

Below are courses in Finance. Pay attention to whether or not the course is labeled as a Directed Study or as a Tutorial.  These are special categories of classes and relevant only to TCI students. 



Introduction to Finance

Corporate Finance - Directed


       Home Work Assignments 

 Corporate Finance: Tutorial

       Home Work Assignments 

       Home Work Assignments 

           Money and Banking 

       Home Work Assignments 

Finance Handouts

Real Estate Finance I

Real Estate Finance II

Seminar in Options Trading

For those studying options, understanding the Black & Scholes model is important.  The first video below is simply an interview with Myron Scholes and of general interest. The following two videos go through the B&S model, and can be paused and played back as needed. 

securities seminary
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