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Internships  in Israel are available at a mix of locations, including hospitals, retirement homes, and other non-profits. Internships at private sector firms are more difficult to arrange, as the concept of interning at a private sector firm isn't defined in Israeli law. However, opportunities for internships at major non-profits marketing, management and finance departments are available for Business majors. Internships are available for two semesters. The Internship must be for at least 150 hours per semester.  The Sponsor is to appoint a Supervisor for the intern, who will provide an Assessment of the Intern, which will be used for grading purposes by the Academic Supervisor of the Intern. 
Under Touro University policy, Interns are expected to find their own internship Sponsors. However, given that our students are not local residents and therefore unfamiliar with the local economy, Touro Israel will help students locate Sponsors. For those looking for Business Sponsors, please contact Mr. Humphries, Deputy Chair of the Business Administration Division at 054-5316157 or

Interns are to be reviewed/assessed by a representative of their Sponsor twice per internships: after two months in the internship and at the end of the internship.  Below is a link to the Intern Assessment Form to be filled out by the Intern's Supervisor. 

U.S. Based Internships 

On this page you will find a number of internship possibilities.  Each is for the summer of of a particular academic year, but applications must be submitted during the fall semester.  Each internship will have different application dates, forms, etc., so students are advised to research the available internships, identify those that interest you, and to apply per their requirements. You can and should apply to more than one. 

Part of applying for an internship is preparing your resume or CV, as well as your presence on social media.  Having a LinkedIn account, etc. is important as today's Human Resources recruiters troll the social media as part of their application process. 


Since you will likely be competing against a number of applicants, don't assume that if you apply late you can appeal!

Good Luck!!

In addition to internships in the private scetor, internships are availbale in the public or government sector.  Click the link below for information on internships with the US State Department. 

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