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On this page you will find a number of internship possibilities.  Each is for the summer of of a particular academic year, but applications must be submitted during the fall semester.  Each internship will have different application dates, forms, etc., so students are advised to research the available internships, identify those that interest you, and to apply per their requirements. You can and should apply to more than one. 

Part of applying for an internship is preparing your resume or CV, as well as your presence on social media.  Having a LinkedIn account, etc. is important as today's Human Resources recruiters troll the social media as part of their application process. 


Since you will likely be competing against a number of applicants, don't assume that if you apply late you can appeal!

Good Luck!!

In addition to internships in the private scetor, internships are availbale in the public or government sector.  Click the link below for information on internships with the US State Department. 

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