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Build Your Profile

Students often wait until their senior year to begin their job search.  For many that starts with a resume.  In today's world, however, rather than thinking in terms of a resume you should be thinging in terms of your profile. And your profile is made up of components, such as a LinkedIn page, Facebook, a personal web site, etc., as well as your formal resume. Followng are youtube presentations that I have found to contribute towards building a more powerful profile.  And remember, this isn't something to put off until your senior year.  Start now. And build. 


Your profile is made up of several elements, inlcuding your LinkedIn page. Following are some suggestions on how to strengthen your LinkedIn page.

LinkedIn Profile

Writing a resume is a part art and part science. The above link will take you to the Novo Resume writing site.  This site offers a mix of formats, depending on your job category and personality. You should be working on your resume while still in college.  Most people think of a resume as something they put together once they finish college. This is a mistake.  A resume is an ongoing creation, changing over time as you change and as you collect additional experiences. So, start now.

LinkedIn Summary

A suggestion about your resume.  About 45% of Americans aged 18 to 25, and about 50% of Israelis of the same age group, will go to college and get at least a B.A. For employers, this means hiring is now a buyers' market. The problem is that you're the seller and employers are the buyers.

Per the Human Resource literature, recruiters today are looking at resume's to see what else you did while in college beyond getting your degree.  Did you intern somewhere? Did you go to seminars, conferences, participate in tech pitch events, etc.? Have you taken any professional courses that contribute to the practical side of your degree?

You should be attending seminars, conferences, etc. while in college and keeping a record of them.  You should have an Addendum page for your resume that lists the seminares etc. that you attended while in college, whith a brief blurb on each.  If the event has a web site, inlcude the web site in the blurb. 

If the events you participated in fall into different categories, arrange your Addendum by category.  For example, Finance Conferences, Tech Conferences, Tech Pitch Events, etc. 

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